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Raven Vale has several exciting steamy romance series already planned for the next few years.

Raven starts off with Gods Are Hiring Standalone Series, where we explore the dark yet humorous world of new and old gods and their hapless employees.

In the following series, Raven will take us to another world where magical women are the warriors.

After that, Raven has romance books and series set in future worlds, portal adventures, and so much more!


Trigger Warning:
Dark themes,
explicit sex scenes,
death and murders,
very brief attempted sexual assault,
brief mention of past physical and sexual abuse,
talk of self harm,
attempted drugging,
and violence outside of the relationship.



My karma caught up with me.
Hustling my clients as a psychic reader racked up some negative points, especially since my gift is real. The gods don’t appreciate humans abusing their blessings. Who knew?
So now, Instant Karma forces me to work for her, or I will be permanently unalived by the Grim Reaper himself.
As penance for my crimes, I’m serving justice for the up-and-coming goddess. It pays the bills. Barely.
I must work and live with three hot jerks who enjoy harassing me. It’s literally their job. And perhaps one of them is getting under my skin with his seductive flirting.
The more I learn about my new career, I realize that Instant Karma isn’t all she’s cracked up to be.
I swear to all these startup gods… Karma is going to get her due.

Trigger Warning:
Dark themes,
explicit sex scenes,
mention of other women drama,
minor violence outside of the relationship.



A fake engagement with the god of love?
I never expected to owe my life to a god, let alone, Cupid, aka. Eros.
After a near-death experience, I’ve been conscripted to be his indentured employee.
Being a cupid intern is now my part-time hustle.
Me, as an agent of love? Ridiculous. I can’t even get my best friend to fall in love with me.
Weirdly, Eros is not the only god interested in what he calls my pure heart.
Now, he won’t let me out of his sight.
How do I explain the presence of a drop-dead gorgeous god shadowing my every move to my roommate-slash-secret-love-of-my-life, Carl?
And how do I ignore my growing attraction to the charming deity?
But I have bigger problems. If I can’t become the cupid Eros needs me to be, I’m in danger of losing my soul to the other jealous gods.